It’ll be here by Christmas, I promise,honest

Lloyd didn’t want to go to Exeter Pride. His girlfriend Leanne, however, has tricked him into coming with the promise of her favourite band, Fat Labrador, headlining. Even worse, she’s run off and left him on his own – AND she’s got his car keys so he can’t get back to London.

In order to get her back, he’s going to have to team up with her friends Sean and Rhiannon, and they’re really not his kind of people.

For one thing, they’ve come to Pride of their own volition.

For another, they’ve got a lot of history of their own to deal with and haven’t spoken in a very long time.

Can the three of them put aside their differences and find a way to reconcile Lloyd and Leanne, before it’s too late?

Over the course of a very hot weekend in Devon, the three of them forge unlikely alliances with each other and a whole host of others in a breath-taking chase through the stifling streets of Midsummer Exeter.

Set in the Weekend Rockstars Universe, die-hard fans will be rewarded by cameos from favourite characters, and the return of Sean and Rhiannon from Straight (Ish) White Male (Previously known as Gap Years).