Weaponised Nostalgia – Or how my grandmother’s toast may lead to Armageddon

Weaponised Nostalgia – Or how my grandmother’s toast may lead to Armageddon

There was something magical about my grandmother’s toast. I’m not sure quite what benevolent spells she weaved over what was – to all intents and purposes – just a slice of burned flour and water smeared in congealed cow’s milk, but it worked. She would hand slice some fresh white bread, toast it under her […]

Funerals, Friendship, Death and Birthdays

I recently spent my 41st birthday at the funeral of a very dear friend, it got me thinking, how good does a friend have to be to make you change your planned pulled-the-day-off-work-for-my-birthday activities of lying about in the garden drinking cider and reading old Peanuts cartoons? Friendship is a difficult thing to measure at […]

My increasingly uneasy relationship with music (and other reasons I am not a Rock Star)

I’ve been writing about music a lot lately (in case you hadn’t noticed) which isn’t really surprising since I occasionally describe myself as a failed musician. The truth is I never really tried to make it. I’m not sure if it was fear of failure, crippling self-doubt or that my father was right when he […]

I’m Not A Fan

I’m Not A Fan The only time you’ll find me spinning around is on the dancefloor, though come to think of it, just being in my presence will make you instantly cooler, so maybe I am. Fan, short for fanatic: – (informal) a person who is extremely interested in something, to a degree that some people find unreasonable (disapproving) a person who has very extreme beliefs that may lead them to behave in unreasonable or violent ways […]

That Facebook 10 albums thing that everybody’s been doing

10 all time favourite albums over 10 days. Albums that really made an impact and are still on your playlists, even if only now and then. Post the cover, no need to explain and nominate a person each day with each album to do the same. Well, that’s not hard at all, ten is loads […]

Some rather more helpful things that I have learned in four decades of singing in front of people for money

As I mentioned in my last blog (which I have been told was unhelpful and had a misleading title) I have an average at best voice which has been forced into the spotlight out of necessity. This was brought into very clear focus last night when the lead vocalist of one of my bands couldn’t […]

A Few Things I Have Learned Over Four Decades Of Singing In Public For Money.

Once upon a time in the relatively recent past, they made a movie in which you not only had to believe that Gwyneth Paltrow was Huey Lewis’s, naïve, angelic, virginal, Las Vegas Showgirl daughter, but that Huey himself made his living as a karaoke hustler. That’s right, a karaoke hustler. I don’t think that’s ever […]