Sean thinks he’s in love with Rhiannon.
He’s never been in love before, so he’s not sure.

She thinks he’s her new gay best friend.
He’s not entirely sure he isn’t.

Martin’s life has been turned upside down by Sean – the prodigal teenage son he hasn’t seen for nearly a decade.
Rhiannon – a student working with him over the holidays – says she can help with that.

Rhiannon has her own agenda, and neither Sean or Martin will be happy with the results.

Straight (Ish) White Male is an exploration of what it means to be a man in the 21st Century seen from two very different perspectives – neatly hidden inside a funny story about bicycles, guitars and unrequited love.

‘This is a book that explores our family relationships. About how they are formed and maintained and fractured and broken and rebuilt. About whether blood really is thicker than water. About what it means to be a parent in the modern day and what it means to be a child.’ – A Little Book Problem

‘I adored the writing style which easily created all of these situations with much realism, and brilliant humour. I have smiled and chuckled throughout the story, at both the writers wit and the scenarios that happened.’ – MADEUP Reviews Parenting and Brews

‘This coming of age story is also driven by emotionally complex and psychological aspects. It’s a contemporary read with an honest approach to a messy family dilemma.’ – Cheryl M-M’s Book Blog

‘The language is frank, the story is funny, no holds are barred in this honest account of life, love and boring jobs.’ – northernreader

‘A well-crafted story about discovering who you are and where you belong and where you’re headed to next, recommend!’ – Audio Killed the Bookmark

‘There is humour and some dodgy singing all a credit to Dave Holwill’s engaging writing.’ – A Bookworms view

‘Gap Years has one of the strangest starts to a book that I have read in a long time. After just the first page, I was completely drawn in to Dave Holwill’s unique writing style.’ – Mai’s Musings

‘it’s oddly beautiful how Holwill portrays the family as they attempt to piece their lives back together; the novel is impeccably diverse and inclusive, while never once stepping into the realm of bigotry. If you like books that will make you feel something, and where you can relate to the characters, I highly recommend this book.’ – Radzy Writes

‘This book is very well-written and, despite the plot being a fairly small, domestic drama, absolutely riveting. The author does a magnificent job of showing the pressures and problems that beset the ordinary people up and down the country in the modern age and every reader will find something to relate to in this story. It is unusual to see male relationships portrayed so honestly and accurately, and I felt really moved by it.’ – A Little Book Problem

‘All the characters were endearingly quirky train wrecks and profanely talented in the use of creative expletives. I am enamored with the talented scribbler Dave Holwill and unrepentantly covet his peculiar characters, clever wordplay, and highly original vulgarities. He has mad skills.’ – Books and Bindings

‘It’s that diversity which makes it so enjoyable to read, it is so unpredictable and with Dave’s acerbic tongue it is gritty and honest, this book is everything and more a coming of age story should be’ – Ali – The Dragon Slayer

‘The writing sweeps you along through the chaos and is immensely entertaining. A quirky, absorbing read. This is another sharply satirical novel from this author about false expectations and the sub-optimal lot of humankind.’ – Books Are Cool

‘a compelling, gritty, realistic and absorbing read about family, connections, relationships, adulthood, building bonds, and new beginnings. The Characters are relatable, complex, endearing and definitely made an impact. It had plenty of drama, wit, emotion, angst, making it an entertaining read that I highly recommend.’ – Dash Fan Book Reviews

‘Once I got into this book I couldn’t put it down, I loved the differing viewpoints, the humour and the fact that it was very British.’ – books and geekiness

‘it’s somehow a simple story, but that’s the charm of it. And it’s that charm that made me continue reading it.’ – Tizi’s Book Review

‘With beautiful writing and dark comedy, this is a quirky novel that I highly recommend giving a shot. Dave Holwill’s writing will draw you in and the characters will see you through to the end.’ – Jessica Rachow

‘The story is gritty, realistic and believable and that is what gives it an added edge, a very well written and enjoyable story about the ups and downs of relationships – highly recommended!’ – donnasbookblog

‘I found Holwill’s wittily told tale to be magnetic. It was hard to put the book down because, having read one side of the story, I had to know there and then, the other side. Each chapter left me wanting to know more, which in my book – pun not intended – is the sign of a truly absorbing read. Another great read from Dave Holwill. I look forward to his next book.’ – Against the Flow Press

‘This is a really accomplished story that reflects family relationships in the twenty-first century and it was a joy to read.’ – A Little Book Problem


(Previously published as Gap Years)