“Publishers! If you are looking to employ a freelance proof-reader/editor, I cannot recommend the eagle-eyed Dave Holwill highly enough.” – Tom Cox: Sunday Times Bestselling Author

Fast turnaround and competitive pricing

Nobody can spot every mistake in their own work, and not everybody has the patience or digital knowhow to format it correctly. Believe me, as a blogger and self-published writer it took me a long time (and many comments from the brotherhood of digital pedants going back to the early days of h2g2) to learn this lesson.

Luckily, I’ve got the eyes (and the qualifications, knowledge and experience) to help.

Missing those apostrophes, thens and thans and yours and you’res, and trying to remember what is and isn’t a dialogue tag can be crucial to those vital first impressions of your work. And trying to grapple with the difference between a page break and a line break at the same time as figuring out how to title your table of contents correctly can drive you round the bend.

I can help make sure you haven’t dotted all the ‘t’s and crossed all the ‘i’s (metaphorically speaking) for a very competitive price and fast turnaround.

Whether you’re an author looking to polish your manuscript before you send it off to agents (or self-publish it), a publisher looking for new blood, a business trying to make your ad copy perfect, a student worried about an essay or a blogger hoping to make the right impression, you can always use another set of eyes on your work.

I’d be very happy for them to be mine.