About Me

Why should you entrust your precious writings to me? What makes me so perfect, I hear you ask.

Well, I’m so picky about finding mistakes in my own work before I send it off to anybody else (which I do, no author can ever see their own mistakes) that I did the Publishing Training Centre’s proof-reading qualifications (passing with merit), along with their grammar course, a few years ago to improve my skills.

While I was doing it I started practicing my new-found skills on friends’ blogs and manuscripts and got better and better at it.

Sunday Times bestselling author Tom Cox said this: “Publishers! If you are looking to employ a freelance proof-reader/editor, I cannot recommend the eagle-eyed Dave Holwill highly enough.”

Then, as a result of going on about it so much, I got tracked down by a publishing company via my website and they asked me very nicely if I might do some freelance work for them.

Having spent fifteen years working in digital print and fixing other people’s dreadful spellings and typos alongside my actual job, it occurred to me that I might be able to do that without having to spend all day clearing paper jams and buying ink. So I decided to start my own freelance proofreading business and joined the CIEP (Chartered Institute of Editorial Professionals) to show I’m committed to the very highest standards.

As I’m still a relative unknown here, I’m very cheap, enormously friendly and way too eager to please. 

That’s why you should trust your precious writings to me, I’m too worried about getting a bad review to mess your project up, I need your support, you need my eyes.

 If you still need more credentials, then know I got A grade A levels in English Literature, History and Economics before I turned down the University place I was offered and ran off to play in a rock and roll band. I’ve published seven books and am currently taking courses with the CIEP in copy-editing in order to expand the business (it turns out I’ve been doing it for years, but now I know what the right squiggles are to put in the margins).


I’ve got these industry-recognised proofreading qualifications from the Publishers Training Centre

Basic Proofreading (with Merit)

Proofreading Digital Skills Supplement

Grammar At Work

I’m also a member of the CIEP (Chartered Institute of Editorial Professionals)

I’ve spent the last 15 years working in digital print cleaning up other people’s typos and misplaced apostrophes as well as formatting documents in InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat and Photoshop alongside self-publishing seven books

And I’m currently both cheap and fast