Proofreading is the final stage of the publishing process, where a fresh set of eyes is essential in picking up every last detail.

 When proofreading your work I will ensure: 

·         that spelling, punctuation and grammar is standard (English/US) and consistent.

·         word-usage is correct and suggestions are given for any instances of repetition.

·         dialogue/embedded quotations are punctuated consistently. 

·         hyphenation and capitalisation are consistent.

·         chapters and pagination are correctly sequenced. 

·         paragraph indentation is standard and consistent.

·         paragraph and section/chapter breaks are logical and aid readability.

·         fonts, heading styles and bullet points are consistent.

·         justification is consistent throughout the text.

·         problematic word-breaks and stacked hyphens are amended.

·         solutions are given for widows, orphans and short lines (if relevant). 

·         any extraneous spacing is removed.

·         errors or omissions in the positioning and labelling of illustrations/tables are highlighted.

·         footnotes and endnotes are consistent in numbering and style.

·         anomalies in timelines, locations and systems of measurement are highlighted.

·         inconsistencies in characterisation (e.g. names, personal attributes) are highlighted.

·         any quotations that might warrant copyright infringement are flagged and solutions suggested.

·         the text complies with the house style guide in all of the above aspects.

I am currently charging a ridiculously low £3.50 per 1000 words for proofreading, so get in before I have to push the price up to lower demand.


This is a much more intensive  process, in which we deal with flow, brevity and general polishing of the text. Removing all those thats you didn’t need, hoiking out any clunk from your beautiful prose (and trying to ensure the vernacular is appropriate) and making it shine. As such, it takes a little longer, and costs a little more.

Since this is more of a two-way relationship and depends on what you want, and how complex your piece is, I cannot give a set price for this. Get in contact with me with a sample of your writing and how brutal an edit you want and I can get back to you with a quote.


After many years of fighting with CreateSpace and KDP, I am now highly proficient in formatting ebooks from word documents, pdfs, odts, or any other kind of text format.

I’ve done the hours of googling, asking questions on long-extinct forums and banging my head against the laptop so you don’t have to.

And believe me, you don’t want to if you don’t have to.

I will take your document and format it as an ebook, or a print-ready pdf, ready to upload to Amazon. I’ve also spent the last decade and a bit of my digital print career fighting with Indesign, Acrobat and Photoshop for any more complex layout needs you might have.

Currently I’m only charging £100 for a standard 45-80k word book for this. Contact me if your needs are larger or smaller.

If you would like more than one of these services, please get in contact and I’m sure we can work out a deal on a price for you.