Sylvia doesn’t want to kill anyone.

She just wants a little space, a room of her own.

A room where she could make things with her grandchildren, if her ex-daughter-in-law ever lets her see them again.

A room that feels more and more like a pipe dream since her husband retired.

Her mother’s recent fall down the stairs could have provided enough money to help her middle-aged son move out, move on with his life and free up her spare room.

But Mum is just one more name on a very long list of people getting in the way.

If only she’d fallen a little further, faster, harder.

But Sylvia doesn’t want to kill anyone.

The Craft Room is a darkly comic tale of sex, crepe paper, murder and knitting in a sleepy Devon town.

‘light hearted, witty, full of chaos, it’s dramatic, yet addictive!.. The plot is crazy, pacy and cleverly written.’ – Dash Fan Book Reviews

‘This is hugely entertaining. Once you start reading, you can’t stop. The dark humour is wonderful, and addictive! Sylvia is a brilliant heroine, one you can sympathise with – although perhaps you shouldn’t really.’ – Books Are Cool

‘The Craft Room is a completely original and addictive read that I fell in love with. I raced through this book as I couldn’t wait to find out what the hell was going on in it. I laughed my way through and I gasped in shock and delight as events unfolded.’ – Katie’s Book Cave

‘Dave Holwill has put together a fabulous cast of characters, an increasingly wild plot and some laugh out loud one-liners to create a very entertaining, you-didn’t-know-you-needed-it-until-it-was-here, combination of Serial Mom, Rambo and Blue Peter’ – Julia Palooza

‘A brilliantly engaging read from start to finish which I found difficult to put down… This is a dark comedy which had me smiling right to the end.’ – Against The Flow Press

‘It’s a breath of fresh air, and quickly added itself to my list of favorite reads this year.’ – Jessica Rachow

‘This is a story that is dark, funny and completely unexpected – four stars from me – a very enjoyable story – highly recommended!’ – Donna’s Book Blog

‘I was so glad I had given this book a chance, it truly was hard to put down… A little naughty, a little inappropriate, and a whole lotta fun!’ – Audio Killed The Bookmark

‘Dave Holwill manages to combine Hyacinth Bucket with The Purge in The Craft Room, which is a chillingly funny look at a post mid-life crisis from a woman who has a lifetime’s worth of suppressed anger to take out on everyone around her.’ – Bookshine and Readbows

‘Anyone who enjoys the comedy of the likes of The League of Gentleman will be in sync with this book. Those of a squeamish or prudish nature should probably give it a pass, but they will be missing a treat of a read… I really, really loved this book. It completely appealed to my macabre sense of humour and my delight in any book that goes off at a bit of a tangent from well-worn literary tropes.’ – A Little Book Problem

‘The plot is perfect for when you just fancy something light hearted but at the same time pretty dark and twisted… it’s definitely packed with black humour and Dave Holwill threads some satisfyingly subtle, surprising moments into this wacky story.” – Snazzy Books

‘I ended up finishing this book in one evening as I became quite attached to both the characters and the story! If you enjoy a story that is a little quirky with humour slightly on the darker side then I’m sure you will enjoy The Craft Room! Four stars from me!’ – Rae Reads

‘This is dark comedy at its finest. In the beginning I had to feel sympathy for old Sylvia.
That did begin to vane a bit; even when I could not agree with her choices, I could understand her thought processes.
The writing is brilliant and kept me turning pages.’ – Laura’s Interests

‘I found the Craft Room to be an absolute surprise. It was full of dark humor, it had me laughing out loud in places that I really should not have been laughing at. It was also a little bit over the top but I still found it to be a rather enjoyable read.
Dave Holwill has given us a fun but somewhat naughty read that will have you guessing right up until the very end!’ – Red’s Midnight Readers