George didn’t join a covers band to meet girls. He’s 42 years old, can barely play the bass guitar that has languished in his spare room these last three years and got put off women by his second divorce.
But when the beautiful Verity turns up at rehearsals all that changes.

Weekend Rockstars is a coming-of-middle-age romantic comedy following George’s quest for happiness against musicians with delusions of grandeur, obsessive groupies, abysmally organised events, living up to his fatherly responsibilities, and the well-intended interventions of his borderline alcoholic friends.
“Very accurately captures the euphoria/self loathing of playing “Sex on fire” to a room full of drunken divorcees.”

“A classic British romantic comedy in fact, that I genuinely think stands up against the best out there – if Nick Hornby had written this, it would already have been optioned for a film, hit the Bestsellers list and wouldn’t be half as good as it is, because what the hell does he know about being in a covers band? I ask you.”

“Well written and accessible, this is a study of human nature as much a take on the foibles of budding rockstars.”

“Great characters, well-written and believable, lots of in-jokes, familiar circumstances.
If you’ve ever been in a band, wanted to be in a band, even seen a band play, you should read this book”

“A fabulous, well written, funny and uplifting read. Totally believable characters. It is hard to believe that this is a debut novel.”

“I was expecting a niche book, only read by aspiring musicians. Instead I was surprised at the quality of the writing, especially the conversations. Potential film here.”

“It is a special book, and they don’t come along too often.”